• Sarah Hawkins

The dream of living off-grid

One day I would love to live off-grid, and perhaps one day the stars will align and this will happen but I can only daydream for now.....

Away from the hustle and bustle of the world. The toxicity of such politics, propaganda and socioeconomic boundaries in this fast-moving century. We, somewhere, have lost our true sense of connectivity with nature. We don’t have time to heal the inner scars of our soul. The worldly matters always punch our soul down to the ground and we still struggle to find the strength in this supportless world. But, after all this inner and physical fight of our soul in strive for the career we want, the life we want and most importantly the peace we want. We ignore the connectivity of us with mother earth, nature.

So why shouldn’t we take a break, pack the bag and travel to nowhere with a tent, a yurt or even a converted bus to live in, my loved ones, some life’s required equipment and needful to live. The place where no one is with you except your loved ones, you are totally unaware of the toxicity of the world and just going to rejuvenate your soul and your connection with nature. We could be on a hill, a mountain side, the beachside, or woodlands.

Your body is the tier one responsibility of yours. It is the most important part that you ignore the most intentionally or unintentionally all along with the life that you are spending in the rat race. But here in this existence away from the rat race, you can completely learn the dynamics, the needs, and the urges of your body to understand yourself completely. Having the time to practise yoga as and when you would like to release the magical dopamine that you have ever experienced.

Ah and Mental relaxation, you have never thought about the ideas, the thoughts that you have daily on your whole day. What are you thinking, what kind of an idea you need, you just pass all the ideas that you got in your mind like a normal thought? But, here, you can spend time to understand the quality of your thoughts. You are far away from the boundaries of the world, the hypocrisies, deceives, the lies, the propaganda, and fears. Now it is the time to find the truth of your existence, to tune the quality of your thoughts, to positive your vibes leading to a healthy mind.

Now, you are connected with nature. You can discover new things in yourself. A single beautiful sunset, twinkled stars night can arise the sense of selflessness in your existence. Here is the point when you can feel the connection of yourself with nature, mother earth. You have no fear of Mondays anymore, don’t think about the boss shriek. Just stay focused in your presence, in your existence.

This comfortable place seems so different from a conventional house where you live-in and it develops the concept of sacred space in which you can nourish, heal your soul and find your peaceful existence in this world.

One day, one day.......

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