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Off Grid Living Series: VanLife - Interview 01

Over the coming weeks I will be interviewing a group of people across the world who live off-grid in a variety of ways. In this blog post interview I caught up with Liam a 38 year old from Sheffield who lives in a van full time. He regularly updates his viewers on youtube about his life on the road.

When did you decide that van life was the lifestyle for you? And how long did it take from making that decision to starting that adventure?

I literally decided the day i moved in to my campervan, I didn't plan it but a relationship breakdown left me with limited options in the beginning so I planned on sleeping in the van for a few weeks until payday and then getting a house… when payday came, I didn't want to give up my money so stayed in the van another month… and then another and then another… then bought a bigger van! Almost two years later, here I am!

Had you ever had experience in van conversions before? Or did you learn as you went along?

Well I always build stuff and fix things so it kinda was easy, youtube tutorials helped me loads though.

Is there anything that you miss from your previous style of living? Did it take a lot of adjusting to a more minimal lifestyle?

I really don't miss anything other than an oven but I could just buy one for the van really, I used to love cooking and kinda miss having a big kitchen. The biggest adjustment was downsizing from a huge house to a tiny van, I had to throw away 30 pairs of shoes!

What would you be doing if it weren't for vanlife?

Things would be exactly the same in that id still be the same person and doing the same job, I have some good van friends now and travel more than I probably would have.

Does your van have a name?

It doesn't, I'm not really into naming vehicles…. Am I weird?

What's your favourite feature of your van?

Thats a tough one but as we are just leaving inter behind, the diesel heater has been amazing! I like my seating area and table to though. Oh and the coffee pot

What is the most rewarding thing about this lifestyle?

Being able to drive away from drama and people.

What are some of the lows?

So few I can't really think of any.. Winter can be dark and lonely but its just the same as in a house I guess.

It's absolutely awful weather outside and you have to spend a full day in your van, what do you get up to?

Filming and editing videos, trying to build my coffee business, social media, netflix, youtube and replying to emails I guess… and drinking coffee

Where has been your most memorable parking spot of all time?

There have been so many memorable ones but sometimes not for the right reasons, in birmingham I had a prostitute climb up the back ladder of my van whilst I was asleep and then she was doing her makeup in my mirrors… I've seen many sunsets and beaches but it's usually the funny experiences that stick in my mind… 

How do you support your lifestyle?

I work bloody hard, I work full time but also youtube is kinda like a full time job but without the full time wage! Youtube takes up so much time it's unreal.

I also built a small coffee brand called Axe To Grind where I currently have 3 different blends and now working on two more as well as working on a breakfast tea

What things do you have in your van that you couldn't live without?

Coffee, laptop, Ipad, phone, bluetooth speaker and the diesel heater.

What advice would you give to people who are considering taking the plunge into vanlife?

It isn't for everyone but if you have the itch, scratch it before it's too late. You have to jump in both feet first and commit to it or it won't work.

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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/liamtheterrible/

To contact me via Email: Liam@liamtheterrible.com

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