• Sarah Hawkins

Meditation: Calming An OverActive Mind

In the age where the smartphone has taken over, the ability to concentrate is more depleted than ever before. It is not difficult to believe that people today are more distracted than ever before. The advances in technology over the years has stolen those moments of idleness and the art of doing nothing and being in the moment. As soon as we feel a bit bored we automatically reached for our phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches as we can become nervous of doing nothing and letting our minds wander. We decide to lose focus on ourselves and distract our minds from ourselves by filling it with news stories, funny animal videos on YouTubes or playing games.

I have and I know many thousands of people around the world have found Meditation a perfect tool to focus our minds. Research has specifically linked Meditation to a reduction of activity in the default mode network, a brain network implicated in self-related thinking and mind wandering. The studies show people who meditate outperform non-meditators on focus tasks and stay on task longer than people who don't meditate.

Meditation has been around for centuries; it is a primitive practice that can help an individual to be in complete control of our own mind and consequently, our own life and therefore can take a journey to truly discover ourselves.

Meditating causes us to develop complete control over our thoughts. Meditation is widely believed to play an essential part to instil inner peace. Meditation can help us work through our negative thoughts and let go of our worries. By practising Meditation, on a regular basis can help us with symptoms of anxiety as well as stress. By developing a habit of meditation, it can help you to be mentally fresh.

Meditation is known to increase a person's thinking ability and to widen the flow of constructive controlled thoughts. You don't need to spend hours meditating every day to feel the benefits even just undertaking a few minutes everyday will suffice. Meditation helps us to slow down and observe the world and our bodies. It helps reduce thoughts of worry and I personally find it brings a balance of being calm and focused.

At times we experience anxiety due to focusing on events in past or in the future things that you can not necessarily change but instead mindfulness and meditation focuses on the present the here and now. It helps to settle down an overactive brain.

Many people want to try meditation but are not sure how to even begin and one we start is via guided meditation. Guided meditation is when you are led by a guide who helps navigate you into a state of relaxation; its an easy way for beginners to enter a state of peacefulness.

I have created a 10 Minute Guided Meditation which is suitable for beginners if you would like to give it a try - you won't be disappointed!

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