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What's the difference between Aura's and Chakra's?

Years ago, when in school, almost all of us were taught how a human body works. We learned how the heart pumps blood to all the organs and how the brain keeps our body in check, but there was one detail that was left out. It was the hidden 'Energy' our body receives. This energy body is an invisible body that we can feel. It merges with the physical body and connects us to higher spiritual levels of divine energy, for example, mother Earth. The components of the Energy Body are Aura and Chakra.

The idea of Aura, an invisible body around the physical body, is not a new one. It is actually quite primitive. People from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome believed in human Aura before we did. They widely believed that the clairvoyant people could see the Aura, and each Aura differed in size and colour.

So, how do we know that Auras and Chakras are real?

Sometimes we randomly think about someone and we hear from them shortly after. We enter a building and we immediately feel some sort of discomfort but as soon as we leave it we are fine. This is because Aura emanates from almost everything. Trees, books, humans, you name it. Chakras are the energy centres within the Aura.

Your Aura is the power among you and the rest of the world. At the point when it is safe it gives you a conviction that all is good, protecting you from the energies around you. You have clear limits and can differentiate between your own needs and feelings and those of others. When it is disrupted you feel on edge, threatened similar to the vitality of everybody around you is weighing down on you. You have poor communication with others and will be bothered by the feelings and issues of other people. Aura's wellbeing is vital to emotional health.

The Aura is an abstract subatomic energy field which is egg-shaped, the size of the Aura differs. It depends on the consciousness (light) held by the individual. It is connected to the soul that emanates from a universal flow of consciousness into the Aura of the physical presence of a human being. Every thought we have has an electrical impulse which is charged by the light entering our Aura, etheric body, Chakra system and eventually the physical body. The colours seen in the Aura are the aspect of consciousness that predominantly works through the chakra centre held within the physical body. The colours seen in the Aura are there to maintain a balanced physical life flow in accordance with the consciousness held by the individual. The greater the harmony the individual holds, the greater the light holds, the less colour there is.

An Aura is a powerhouse of energy between us and others. When an aura is healthy an individual feels at peace. You feel energetic and everything seems to fall in place. When an aura is unhealthy you can feel threatened. You fear things that are not there. A healthy Aura makes us feel protected. Everything is made of energy and vibrations. That is the reason everything has an Aura. Aura is an energy field that mirrors the life energies inside the body. It's an individual electromagnetic energy field around every one of us molded like Eggshell. The light within the Aura can be broadened. You can see hues in an expanded part. It is an impression of the body's soul energy. It mirrors our wellbeing, mental movement, and passionate state. It additionally shows illness – sometime before the beginning of side effects.

The Aura is basically the energy field around the human body. The Aura is regularly portrayed as a "glowy" egg. The Aura is your own space or air pocket. The Aura is a field of electrical energy that stretches out from your body in an air pocket. It is composed of layers of energy that exude out to your chakras. When seen by somebody who can see auras, it has shading, in light of the vibration radiating from it. The aura changes continually in direct relationship to your physical and passionate state. It fills two significant needs: protection and data information. You will frequently perceive or feel it when somebody comes excessively near you – encroaching on your own space. On the off chance that you have had your aura picture taken, you will realise that every individual's Aura presents as any of the rainbow hues. The Aura uncovers our present mental, physical, and profound state. We all have an aura – regardless of whether we can see it or feel it or not. The Aura is made of an increasingly "unobtrusive" substance than is the physical body.

However, this doesn't make it any less genuine, or in reality, any less physical – it is essentially physical in an alternative manner. The Aura is influenced by a wide range of things: the manner in which we think, who we converse with, our condition etc. Aura is the energy field that encompasses your body. It has seven layers to it. The layers are not flawlessly "layered" on one another; however, they mix into each other—the state of the Aura influences the state of the physical body and the other way around. Every single living thing has energy, in this way, and has an aura: individuals, plants, snakes, and even your beloved pets.

There are seven main sacred colours that flow through the auras into the chakras that blend in every human being. These are Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Violet. Each colour has a quality, a vibration of consciousness that seeks to maintain a harmonious flow of love, peace, and joy.

The more positive the person is, the greater the light they hold. The next vital abstract energy field that is held within the Aura is the etheric body, which is an electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds the entire denser physical body. It lies at a distance of 3 to 7 cm.

The word Chakra translates to a wheel. We all have heard about seven chakras. Chakras are the energy centre of the body. Our feelings are in the form of the electromagnetic waves which influence our chakras and auras. At the point when we are feeling positive and enthusiastic, and choices are simple, our chakras turn and energy streams easily.

There are seven main chakra centers that are aligned along the spinal column within the physical body. They manage the energy flow in specific areas.

The Seven Chakra

The root chakra- is the main grounding aspect of the human psyche

When the root chakra is healthy, an individual feels confident to take on new challenges. It makes us feel secure. The root Chakra can, however, be blocked when we feel threatened or fear or when our survival instincts are challenged. It is located at the bottom of the spine.

The sacral Chakra- holds the energy of masculine and feminine qualities.

Sacral Chakra is the key to creativity. It deals with an individual's sexuality. If a person is experiencing stress regarding his sexuality, the sacral Chakra can be blocked. It is located in the middle of the abdomen.

The Solar Plexus Chakra- Point of feeling and expression.

This Chakra is vital for confidence and self esteem. When everything with the Chakra is alright a person feels a clear path ahead of him. It can be blocked from negative experiences around humans or any sort of negative energy.It is located on the top of your abdomen.

The heart Chakra- Holds the qualities of love

The heart Chakra holds compassion, love and feelings. When everything with this Chakra is alright one will be expressive and open to others. It enables you to grieve and attain peace and tranquility. This can however be blocked by negative experiences and heartbreak. It is located above the heart.

The throat chakra- it is the point of expression

The throat chakra is responsible for self expression. It also enables you to actively listen to others. This can be blocked very easily. An argument or just a difficult question can block the throat Chakra.It is located in the middle of the throat.

The third eye chakra- the third eye is point of vision, abstract and physical. It is our sixth sense.

The third eye chakra gives us a wider picture of our life. It gives us vision to pick up signs. It has a lot to do with gut instincts. So always believe your gut instinct when it comes to third eye chakra. It is located in the middle of the brow.

The crown chakra- is consciousness, left and right brain activity, logic and intuitive

The crown Chakra has the most important role to play. It helps us maintain a healthy and peaceful life. Unfortunately, a life-changing tragedy can shift the crown chakra. It is located on the top of the head.

Our lives are moving more rapidly than ever, I don't know about you but it is so easy to get caught up in the 9-5 rat race which can lead to stressful situations daily. This can cause disturbance in Chakra and an imbalance in Aura.

In order to remove any disturbance in Aura and Chakra, it is necessary to know where the disturbance is. You may choose to take a visit to a professional aura and chakra readers but there are also some home remedies that you can also use to provide balance.

Food gives us energy, so it is really no surprise that eating a well-cooked healthy meal has a positive impact on our Aura and Chakra.

Meditation keeps our mind clear and helps us focus. Meditation helps because it is directly connected to our spiritual energy.

Living in a clean environment is also necessary. A noisy and unhygienic environment disrupts the Aura and has lasting impacts on Chakra.

Many people are unsure of the difference between Auras and Chakras but they are not identical.

Aura gives us hints of our mood, what we are feeling etc. Whereas Chakra signifies to us our life overview and impurities within it. Aura relates to external energy, and Chakra deals with internal energy.

The Chakra colour remains the same for everyone; however, the colour of Aura differs from person to person.

Chakra energy remains the same for a very long period of time; it does not depend on a person's mood. Only a life-changing event disrupts the Chakra. Aura on the other hand changes more frequently. Aura colours can shift because of an individual's health or even a slight change in mood.

The Auras and Chakras work together. There are points when you are feeling positive and energetic, and choices are simple, your chakras turn, and energy flows easily—your aura layers aliveness.

Auras and Chakras are the output of our expression, thoughts, and what we feel. They are associated with each other on an exceptionally profound level.

Your Aura extends out into the world the data that your chakras are exuding. In the event that you feel grounded and safe in your root chakra, you anticipate that out from your Aura, in the event that you feel frail and shaky in your solar plexus, you anticipate that out into the world. The Aura is a source of the data and information originating from your chakras and your aura colour change as your state of mind, emotional and physical health changes.

There are numerous elements that influence the wellbeing of the energy body in general. Looking for balance in your chakras is critical to the soundness of your energy body.

Auras and Chakras influence each other. If theres an aggravation or stress in your chakras, the spilled energy will degenerate or block your Aura. This is a cycle that will continue until you balance your Aura.

Your energy can never be completely contained. Perpetually, it will get away from your body and enter your environment. While the energy inside your body is controlled and coordinated by chakras, some of it leaks out and structures an aura around us.

Auras and Chakras are different, but they certainly work together!

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