• Sarah Hawkins

Divine Smell: Nag Champa

Our sense of smell plays such an important factor within our psychological make-up. Did you know that quite often our amazing bodies sense the smell before the itty bitty aroma molecules even fly up our nostrils. This is due to our brilliant eyes and brain linking an image to a smell and vice versa. We don't even realise that this is happening as its our subconscious.

Our sense of smell plays such a major role in our emotions and enriches our experience within this world. Scents can change your mood and even bring back distant memories.

I am absolutely in love with Nag Champa incense - I have been ever since I was a teenager. I find that the aroma triggers an inner peace within me. The smell is phenomenal, I find it has a positive impact on both my mind and body.

Nag Champa is made using a variety of ingredients. The Champa flower is the base and is mixed with Frangipani and Sandalwood as well as a variety of spices and resins such as black pepper, French Lavender and Cinnamon.

That combination of Champa and Sandalwood is so divine and I always burn some when I'm practising Yoga.

I would love to know what smells relax you, do you have a particular incesene you prefer to burn while meditating or practising Yoga?

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